For a good cause: Fund for Jane


Spider-haters around the world (or, among my small readership), let’s join together in a united giving of the finger to stupid spiders that bite people and wreak havoc with their lives!

One of my favorite blogs is doing an awesome thing.  Elly over @ Elly Says Opa! is donating her blog’s ad proceeds for the month of December to a fund for her friend Jane, who was bitten by a brown recluse and is struggling with some really major health complications as a result.  Who would have thought that something so tiny could cause so many problems.  Jane was bitten in Tennessee where some of my family lives (In the woods!  In a house with one of those creepy crawl-spaces under it!), so this hits home for me.   I am very lucky to live in a state that has no poisonous anythings in the wild.  Please consider clicking through to her blog and giving her a couple extra clicks for a good cause.   There is lots of splendid content on Elly’s blog, so you’re likely to find some great photos and recipes for your clicks.  Plus, it’s good karma, and it will help someone who really needs it.

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