What I’m doing this week: Sugar

This week I’m going for 7 days without consuming added refined sugar.  I’ve known for awhile now that I consume too much refined sugar, whether it’s a spoonful in my tea, the sugar in my homemade granola/meusli, sweetened berry jam, or baked goods.  I also learned recently (via a batch of brownies that lasted a mere 3 days in this house) that my body feels like bleechhh when I eat a lot of sugar in a short period of time.  If my body feels so bad in those extreme sugar-consumption incidents, perhaps the less obvious but near-constant lower level of blah could also be due to excessive sugar consumption.  I figured the best way to figure it out was to cut out sugar for a little while and see what happens.  My goal for this week is to eat foods that do not contain added refined sugar or honey, and to not use sugar/honey in my tea, cereal, baking, etc.  I am letting myself eat fresh fruit as much as I want, and I am allowing myself a small portion of dried fruit (in the form of homemade larabars via Chocolate Covered Katie) if a craving gets really nasty.  My reasons are two-fold: I want to see how hard it is to not eat sugar; and I want to see if my body feels any differently after 7 days without sugar.  When I hit day 7, I will evaluate and perhaps extend the experiment another 7 days.

Sunday is grocery shopping day, and usually I treat myself at the end of my shopping trip to some little nibbly.  I almost always choose an item from the natural/organic foods section (Liberte Mediterranee yogurt is a favorite), but I’ve been known to swing by the bakery section of the store for a donut hole or a chocolate-chip muffin.  I’ve realized that I tend 99.99% of the time to choose a sweet item.  Even that delicious yogurt is full of sugar!  Today, I felt a little panicky as I got to the end of my shopping trip, but then I remembered that I can have larabars.  So I enjoyed a coconut cream pie larabar, and boy, was it good.  :)

I’ll be posting an update 7 days from now.  Wish me luck!  :)

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2 thoughts on “What I’m doing this week: Sugar

  1. I imagine I could last 7 days with out adding sugar to my coffee and I could probably avoid bakes goods… but avoiding it all together? Even as an ingredient? Eeek! You are hardcore, girl! I’m excited to see what your results are like.

    PS: When I cut dairy I felt a difference in about 48 hours. But between the delicious indulgence of the cruise and the rampant temptation of working at a cheese counter I’m so far off the wagon I might as well be in an entirely different state then the one the wagon’s travelling in. *sigh*

    • Yarp, I am avoiding sugar everywhere I find it this week. I too felt a difference in about 48 hours…my energy levels are more stable, my skin feels better, my innards generally feel much less “toxic.” I don’t think I will be sans sugar completely forever, but I am actually really pleased with how I feel this week. I think I may get serious about relegating refined sugars to special occasions and specific treats, rather than consuming it willy-nilly like I have been most of my life. Also, related note, sugar is in EVERYTHING. AAAHHH. So many things have sugar…but not my beloved green chile sauce. Oh, healthy breakfast burrito, how much more delicious you are with green chile sauce! :)

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